Festival Camping

Camp with the entire Medieval Week within walking distance. Medieval pass for the whole week included!

Booking for Camping + Medieval Festival Pass

Looking for a place to stay during your visit to the Medieval Week? Welcome to the Medieval Campground! Meet new and old friends in either the modern part of the camp or the medieval section. We offer a beautiful sea view with the old hanseatic town and the medieval market in walking distance. This is more than a common accommodation – it is an experience!

It’s loud and lovely in the morning and evening. The calm falls in the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest. There are 30,000 square meters to share, with good distances and opportunities to cook over an open fire (provided there is no fire ban). With a secluded environment close to the city and cozy campsites, there are great conditions for a pleasant stay.

The campground is situated in the north of Visby on Galgberget, the old gallow, near the city center and has areas for both modern and medieval tents. You pay a fixed price per person, making it just as convenient for single person tents or groups in military tents or medieval pavilions.

The camping ticket also includes the Medieval Pass! As a camping guest, you thus have access to the “Medieval Islands” around the city during the entire Medieval Week on Gotland (4-11 August 2024).

E-MAIL: camping@medeltidsveckan.se

TELEPHONE: 0498- 29 10 70

Good to know

Medieval Week has a strong focus on security. The reception is open extra hours on 4-6 August to accommodate arriving ferries, other days 08.00-12.00 and 13: 00-20.00. Other times there are guards in the area. We reserve the right to make necessary changes during reception hours.

Check-in can take place from Friday 4/8 at 12.00 and the last guest should have left by Monday 14/8 at 12.00.

Next to Galgberget’s lookout point is a gravel road to the north which is the entrance to the modern and medieval campsite. See map here.

You must be 16 years of age and have a written certificate from a guardian if you are under 18 years of age and travel alone or in a group without a guardian present.

Children and young people applies to 3-15 years

Adults are 16 years and older

Children under 3 stay for free

We encourage everyone to live medieval – the most wonderful experience during Medieval Week! To live in the medieval section, you need some form of medieval or medieval inspired tent. If you are uncertain about what part you want to live in and how your tent fits, you can make your decision once you are here. Both sections are next to each other and you have access to move freely in the area so the opportunity to meet new friends and be inspired is huge. Note Only medieval-clad people in the medieval part – borrow a coat from a friend if needed. Remember that Medieval Week is about inspiring and encouraging – not criticizing!

The price per person applies regardless of how many of you live in the tent (each person must have their own camping ticket). As long as there is space and you do not close fire streets or obstruct access, it is okay with a canopy/party tent next to your sleeping tent. This entails no extra cost.

Unfortunately, we can not accept motorhomes, caravans or camping buses/vans et cetera at the campsite or in the car park.

In the area there are simpler facilities with toilets, recycling station and reception, opening hours as above. Showers are located in the racket hall which is a short walk from the campsite itself, this in order to offer a good standard of showers. The walk takes less than 10 minutes from the campsite reception. It is not possible to draw electricity to individual tents.

In the modern section it is meadow land. In the section for medieval tents, a ground preparation was made a couple of years ago. This means that this year there may be surfaces that are earthy, feel free to bring something to cover the floor in the tent with to protect against dust and soil.

Parking is available but not always in direct connection to the area. The vehicle can not be parked next to a tent.

You may bring pets to the campsite, but keep in mind that you are always responsible for your pet. Zero tolerance for aggressive behaviour from pets applies and you can be evicted immediately in case of violation.

Medieval Week has a zero-tolerance policy against violence or abuse and anyone violating this rule will be evicted immediately from the area without prior warning. If necessary, contact the authority and the police. The area is manned around the clock and with security guards present during the nights. Your safety is our main priority. This is a festival campsite and there may be sounds from parties in the evenings and nights, as well as sounds in the early mornings. Your security is our focus – help us maintain a pleasant and friendly atmosphere by treating each other with dignity, kindness, and equality. If you experience something that makes you feel uncomfortable, do not hesitate to contact us at the reception! We are on site for you.

Depending on what applies to the general fire permit during the current date. It is extremely important that you respect these conditions as the soils are often very dry in August. For food teams

If cancelled, the fee will be charged as follows:

In case of cancellation due to covid-19 symptoms before arrival, please contact us for a full refund, minus 20% administration fee.
Cancellation no later than 28 days before arrival: full refund of the booking price, minus 20% administration fee.
Cancellation no later than 11 days before arrival: refund of half the price of the booking (50%).
Cancellation within 10 days before arrival: no refund is possible.
Fees for cancellation protection, change, invoice and booking fee will not be refunded.

Booking for Camping + Medieval Festival Pass