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Do you want to make great new friends, learn how large events work or just experience Medeltidsveckan (Medieval Week) from a whole new perspective? Are you good at contributing to a good atmosphere, doing practical things or perhaps keeping things in order? As a volunteer, you help create the world’s best Medeltidsvecka, before, during and after the festival!

On this page you will find information about what it means to be a volunteer.

Volunteer Application HERE
(sorry, the video is all in Swedish!)

What is Medeltidsveckan?
Every year, during the 32nd week (this year August 6-13) tens of thousands of history buffs gather on Gotland to experience, learn, have fun and meet new and old friends.

We have fun together
We who help build Medeltidsveckan are a lovely group of diverse people with good cohesion. Together, we help solve a lot of different challenges during the year. Many of us return year after year to socialize and co-create, all are equally important and valued parts of our team. During the week, when we don’t have work shifts, we come up with other fun activities to do together. You who have never been on the week before and go alone will not have to wonder what to do or where to find friends to spend time with! If you are old in the game but have not volunteered before, you will definitely find new acquaintances and learn things about how the festival works that you didn’t know before!

What does a volunteer do?
Medeltidsveckan’s volunteers are needed everywhere – as communicators, hosts in visitors’ centers and at performances. We also need roadies who carry and build! We have room for everyone who wants to help create the world’s best medieval times!

Before and after the festival week, we need to rig up and rig down – this is where our roadie teams shine with their fantastic efforts. We consist of everything from happy amateurs to professional craftsmen – the most important thing is that you can, and want to, get involved!

You who already live on Gotland or have the opportunity to stay on the island for a continuous period during the year before and/or after week 32 are invited to literally build and tear down the festival. We need everything from arenas to benches and we need you to fix it!

During the week, the volunteers assist artists and audiences before and during performances, we keep all areas of the festival neat and clean. We meet guests, answer questions, welcome and contribute to making Medeltidsveckan a fantastic experience for both young and old!

What can you help with?
This year’s XL festival will be a fantastic anniversary year with extra focus on food and drink! To be part of one of our teams, you need to have a willingness to contribute and the opportunity to be on the island. Some assignments can also be done remotely before the festival!

  1. Before the festival, you can contribute by:
  • carpentry/painting/building/carrying
  • craft other props that are needed
  • translate texts into other languages
  1. During the festival, you can contribute as a volunteer as:
    entrance host – welcome our guests and create good flows to our festival areas and stages.
    activity host – help both large and small guests at our activity areas
    runner – create a good and pleasant environment by, for example, filling up lamp oil, carrying a bench, cleaning ruins and similar tasks
    campsite host – helps keep the campsite running smoothly for both residents and staff
    crew host – together with group leaders make the week the world’s funnest work week!
  2. After the festival, you can contribute with:
    Pack, carry, drive and organize all the physical assets of the festival. Everything from benches, fences, stages and signs to technology equipment must be reviewed and organized for the next festival!

In the form below you will be asked to tick the qualities you think you have, what you find fun and what you absolutely do not enjoy. We then use this to match person to place!

What advantages does it give you as a worker?
In addition to experiencing Medeltidsveckan with the extra layer that being part of one of our teams means and that you get the opportunity to participate in specific volunteer activities, the following is also included:

  • The Medeltidsveckan’s crew pass which gives you access to all festival areas, as well as all performances subject to availability
  • Food in connection with work shifts
  • Place at Medeltidsveckans campsite (bring your own tent). You can choose whether you want to stay in our volunteer area, in the modern part or the historical part of the campsite. Note that the historical part has separate participation requirements
  • An exclusive volunteer gift (On registration and confirmed participation before the end of April).

What do I need to contribute?
As a volunteer, you need to contribute approximately 25 hours of work time. In addition to your work shifts, you are expected to have read through the volunteer handbook and participated in one of our start-up meetings, if you are going to work during the festival week.

Depending on where you contribute, you may be scheduled a little more or a little less, as different tasks require different work effort. Before scheduling, you will be able to request free times, but you may work both early mornings and late evenings. You also need to read through and sign that you agree to the Medeltidsveckan volunteer policy.

How old do I have to be?
You are 18 years old if you apply as an independent volunteer. Unfortunately, we are having difficulty managing younger volunteers at the moment, but they are most welcome to accompany older volunteers.

Do I have to speak Swedish?
No, we have tasks that work perfectly if you don’t speak Swedish!

Do I have to own medieval clothes?
No, and it is free and easy to borrow from us!

Do I have to have participated in Medeltidsveckan before?
No, absolutely not. You are just as welcome if you are joining for the first time as if you have been joining since the very beginning!

Volunteer Application HERE

FACTS: Medeltidsveckan is Gotland’s biggest event – during week 32, 6-13 of August, fortythousand historically interested people gather to have fun, play and party together, gain new experiences and make new friends. Medeltidsveckan on Gotland celebrated 40th this summer. The historic festival has been organized since 1984 and is the Nordic region’s largest medieval festival. The anniversary year 2023 will be Medieval XL. The festival lasts Sunday week 31 to Sunday week 32. The theme for this year’s festival is food and drink. Medeltidsveckan AB is owned by a non-profit foundation.