Jousting – all summer

Welcome back to the TOURNAMENT GAMES. PREMIERE July 2! Here skilled riders and brave horses come together, here we meet sharp archers and get a genuine sports experience of the medieval kind. Hear thundering hooves, whining arrows, the roar of the crowd, and celebrate with the victors!


Welcome to the Medieval Week jousting game with Gutar’s Archers and Torneamentum. Jousting is speed and competition, a little scary and a lot of fun! There are beautiful horses with brave knights, lazy squires and a loud herald and last but not least: Skilled archers who do everything to amuse y

This year’s jousting games mix well-known disciplines with new elements such as relay disciplines with knights and archers. Novelty that has never been shown on jousting, crossbow shooting!

Bring your family and friends on a fantastic adventure at the Strandgärdet and the Medieval Arena, with sunset and ring wall to the nearest neighbours!

Photo: Isabelle MacKenzie and Therese Hübner

The plot of this year’s jousting game in Visby is inspired by the Middle Ages and the history of Medieval Week. The tournaments are held in collaboration with Gutars Bågskyttar and Torneamentum.