Theme: Horses! & Phrasebook

Medieval Festival Band 2024!

Medieval Week 2024 has the theme: Horses! Here you can immerse yourself in what that might mean.

The Medieval Week invites all co-creators to include the horse in this year’s range of program items. Do you have a fun idea that you think could fit into the Week? Get in touch!

It may not feel completely obvious to some, that the horse would have a whole Medieval week in its honor. But when we think about it for a moment, we soon realize that the horse has been so important, throughout human history, that we would not have been where we are, or who we are, without them.

Through the millennia, the horse has carried us, pulled us and kept us company through thick and thin. The horse has delivered goods, mail, hauled logs, plowed fields and carried us to war. We see them in the arts and crafts and fairy tales.

Today, the horse is still an important friend all around the world, and during the Medieval Week they are an obvious part of the experience. What would the jousting game and the Battle of Wisby be like without horses?

Jousting – all summer

Horse Phrasebook

The horse world is full of expressions that may feel unfamiliar. But Medieval Week is a lot about learning new things and making new connections, so now we’re going to get to know some of them!

coming soon….