The volunteer policy

Volunteer Policy 2024

Medeltidsveckan på Gotland’s volunteer policy describes how volunteers are engaged in our activities, as well as volunteers’ rights and obligations. Volunteers are equal to employees regardless of age, gender and ethnic background and are an invaluable resource in our organization that helps us achieve our goals and visions. Volunteers do not replace employed staff but are complementary to Medeltidsveckan’s activities and events throughout the year.

Volunteer recruitment takes place mainly through our volunteer application form. We will contact all volunteers who have shown interest and do our best to find a suitable place and role for all applicants. During the process an agreement with all volunteers is made to follow the policy and guidelines.

As a volunteer, you also participate in Medeltidsveckan’s overall environmental and safety policy as follows:

– Environment: Sustainability is central to Medeltidsveckan in all aspects of the festival. We believe in cooperation and striving to always choose the most sustainable option in both big and small.

– Social equality: Medeltidsveckan is a festival for everyone regardless of background, gender, age and ethnic background and this should be reflected in all aspects of the festival.

– Security: Medeltidsveckan adopts a security conscious approach that permeates the structure of the organization, physical sites and events as well as strives to influence the urban environment to create the best possible conditions for you as a participant to feel safe during your visit.

Introduction and division of responsibilities
Volunteers at Medeltidsveckan på Gotland get an introductory meeting where instructions are given and relevant documentation for the assignment. The information meeting will contain the following:

– Information about Medeltidsveckan’s organization, routines, policy, schedule and security approach.

– Information about the assignment (when, where and how) and role distribution.

As a volunteer at Medeltidsveckan you agree to the following: You are at least 18 years old at the start of the festival, you will work around 25 hours (might be during uncomfortable hours) and agree to be sober and drug free during your shifts.

Organization, support and what you as a volunteer get back

As a volunteer at Medeltidsveckan on Gotland you are part of a large group of people with different assignments. The volunteer group is led during the festival by group leaders who are responsible for the operational part of the volunteer work. Group leaders are the main contact person for volunteers during the event. The volunteer coordinator acts as a contact person for group leaders and as a project manager with overall responsibility for all volunteer activities, scheduling and other administrative tasks.

As a thank you for your efforts as a volunteer during Medeltidsveckan, you will receive meals in connection with worked shift, a pitching site at Medeltidsveckan’s camp site and free admission to Medeltidsveckan’s own arrangements subject to availability.

Problem solving

If you have questions or problems, contact your group leader firsthand. You can also contact the volunteer coordinator. In case of conflict, the organization’s management team can also step in and help solve situations that may arise. Always contact the volunteer coordinator if you as a volunteer encounter difficulty in performing your assignment. If the volunteer fails to fulfill their obligations under the volunteer agreement, the volunteer can be separated from his or her assignment.

Expense Reimbursement

No financial compensation is paid for volunteering. Instead, volunteers receive the rewards stipulated under “Tutoring, support and what you will receive as a volunteer”. Medeltidsveckan does not replace travel expenses to and from events.

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