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In Östergravar, at the Dalmansporten, you’ll find the entrance to the medieval camp. See the map here.

If you want to stay in a historical tent or pavilion with the city wall as your neighbor, you can book a spot in the Medieval Camp. Here, an attempt at medieval authenticity is encouraged, both in the clothes you wear and the equipment visible in your camp. Like the festival camping, it’s lively and delightful in the morning and evening. Tranquility sets in at midday when the sun is at its highest. There’s ample space between the tents and opportunities to cook over an open fire if you bring your own elevated hearth (provided there is no fire ban).

On the site, you’ll find basic facilities with toilets, a sink with cold water, a recycling station, and a reception. There is access to a few hot plates, a microwave, and two kettles to facilitate dishwashing and cooking. You can also exchange cooling packs for storing food in your own cooler or chest. Showers are located in a school a short walk from the medieval camp.

The Medieval Camp will be open to visitors through guided tours two to three times during the week. Otherwise, it’s possible to bring guests to the camp if they are dressed in medieval attire and have a host responsible for them, residing in the camp. A borrowed cloak works perfectly as medieval attire for guests! Invite your friends and inspire them to stay in the camp next year!

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